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Interview: Lisa Weizenmuller – Founder of ‘iisa’


Hemp is the strongest, most durable, longest lasting soft-fibre on the planet. Just another one of its many incredible properties, hemp can be used to make an amazing array of textiles including clothing, baskets, sails, ropes and comfortable eco-friendly bedding. We caught up with iisa founder Lisa Weizenmuller to discuss her background, why she uses hemp to produce bedding and what the future holds for iisa, enjoy!

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Can you please tell us a little about your background and how you got into bedding design?

Having worked in design rooms for the past 12 years there has always been the prospect of doing my own brand. iisa is the final result of many years of dreaming morphed into actually doing it.

Bedding was a simplistic way to launch the brand with minimal development and filling a hole in the market that existed for Hemp bedding. Also learning to work with Hemp as a fabric with a simple product.

“Hemp is incredible. It has the potential to change the world.”

What is the story behind iisa, how did it come to be?

iisa is my creative platform. I wanted a place where I was able to express myself and iisa is the result of that. I have been a part of projects in the past both with friends and solo though until now nothing has really felt aligned. It’s all learning, and every step of the way has led me to this point.

What made you decide to use Hemp as the primary material?

Hemp is incredible. It has the potential to change the world. Google it, it is truly amazing what it can do, or rather what it can’t do! Hemp can be made into anything from food through to plastic!!

How do you find working with hemp? How does it compare with other materials you have worked with?

Hemp is interesting, it is a very raw fabric with a very natural feel and therefore needs to be elevated through its make and finishes. Personally, I love the resonance with the fabric, it just feels different.

I have always worked with silks, lace and really high-end fabrics so it’s nice to work with the rawness that is Hemp. In saying that Hemp can be blended with any fibre to create really unique textiles.

iisa currently only produces bedding, do you plan on producing any other hemp products in future?

Yes, there are currently a few happenings in the pipeline, I don’t like to talk too much about these things until I have completed them and can hold them in my hands.

All will be revealed.

“I believe in minimising our impact on this planet by coexisting with nature.. Consume less and educate yourself around what you are consuming.”

We love the colours you use for your linen! Do you dye your materials yourself and what process do you use?

The dyeing process occurs in our factory using all EU approved dyes with no harsh chemicals and a very strict wastewater management policy in place.

What are some of iisa’s core values/practices you intend on revisiting and developing on as the brand evolves?

I believe in minimising our impact on this planet by coexisting with nature. There is no need to deplete our natural resources the way in which we are as a collective. There are so many alternative ways to produce all that we ‘need’.

Consume less and educate yourself around what you are consuming.

What does 2019 have in-stall for iisa?

A lot, hahaha.

2019 will be a really big year for iisa releasing new product lines and forming an identity in the Australian and international markets.

Interview end.

Want to know where you can get your hands on iisa’s dreamy bedding? Follow their journey at iisa Instagram and www.iisaintl.com

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